El sello editorial Quantum Prose da voz a una diversidad de autores que vinculan la ciencia, la literatura y la filosofía. Nos interesan las posibilidades que abre el paradigma cuántico en la comprensión de una de las características centrales de nuestra existencia: la conciencia humana. Promocionamos una diversidad de voces internacionales, experimentales e híbridas que se cuestionan el pensamiento dualista e integran creativamente mente y materia, disciplinas e ideas, en una literatura que estimule el pensamiento.  Invitamos a poetas, neurocientíficos, artistas, físicos, novelistas o filósofos a que nos envíen sus manuscritos.

Publicamos libros bilingües o traducidos al inglés.


THE HIDDEN THIRD          Basarab Nicolescu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Translated from French by William Garvin
Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 21.49.27
Prologue by Gonçalo Tavares

“Liminally landing between prose and poetry, science and art, philosophy and spirituality, The Hidden Third charismatically disseminates a new renaissance transmission, one highly pertinent for contemporary times. Leaving the reader breathless. Re-imagined, re-generated. Mind duly sanctified.”  – Gary P. Hampson     Read more |


ALMA                                     Javier Moreno

                                                                                                    Translated from Spanish by Peter Kahn

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 18.21.38“The only possible points of comparison for Javier Moreno’s Alma, a book made of sentences, dealing with the materiality of the living, and obsessed with sorting, would be those texts that are most luminous and uncanny. Alma, unlike anything else I have read, brings together certain amazing qualities of Craig Dworkin’s “Legion” (which consists entirely of statements from a psychiatric diagnostic instrument), of the more radical of David Markson’s novels, and of the quietly fevered voices from the writing of Roberto Bolaño. Is it a soul? A novel? Interesting questions – but in any case, Alma is a configuration of words that demands to be sorted through, one that is compellingly unhinged, open and shut”  –Nick Montfort .          Read more  |