Neuroscience has proven that our imaginary experiences bring forth emotional reactions, which inevitably create associated memories. This happens because our brain, or subconscious mind, takes our words and mental images for real. Thereby, our thoughts and affirmations shape our perceptions and beliefs, and ultimately direct our actions. They are a creative power that molds our reality.

Your outside or physical world has its origin in your inner or mental world: the conditions and circumstances of your life are a result of your mental experiences. If you don´t become aware of this process, they will tend to confirm your beliefs and perpetuate your perceptions about reality endlessly.

Each one of us has a particular way of using words to communicate with others, and also to conceive our identity and life. Most of these narratives or dialogues (both external and internal) are unconscious and somewhat compulsive: we very rarely pause to observe them attentively. However, there is a chance that they may be harming us. Very often, they are the consequence of inherited beliefs that, planted in our early days, build our perceptions about love, work, sacrifice, and especially about who we are. Our way of speaking and reacting, of interpreting our past and envisioning our future, is usually an automatic reactive to the way in which we were addressed and listened to during childhood. We permanently construct stories that judge our circumstances and ourselves, and these stories lock us in a certain reality that we perpetuate unconsciously.

Mindfulness is a practice that aims at creating awareness through a state of active, open attention to the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts, words and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. These reactions and narratives reveal a tremendous amount of information about our particular minds, and building the habit of observing them will open unexpected doors for you. The practice of mindfulness is an invitation to pause and listen attentively, and you are going to be writing for the purpose.

Creative Visualization is a technique that looks to transform subjective reality through the mental perception of positive circumstances. It is the process of using your imagination to create, attract, and ultimately feel that which you intend to experience in life. When practising mindful attention and full presence in the mental realm, your mind will progressively understand that your desired emotions can only happen presently, and will cease to subject them to a future circumstance. This practice allows to shift negative beliefs and repetitive patterns.

Quantum Prose workshops apply the principles of mindfulness to creative visualization. In our writing exercises, you are going to mentally embody, in mindful awareness, a series of empowering experiences that bring forth positive emotions. This methodology transcends positive affirmations; it works through the practice of presence and awareness. You are going to adopt the voice, mind and body of a potential “you” that will experience, hear, smell, touch, the physical and emotional sensations of your desired being, bringing them into your mental present. In other words, you are going to become the person you long to feel, in writing.

This methodology allows to:

  • Experience emotional fulfilment and inner relief.
  • Learn to shift words and imagination towards positive feelings.
  • Transform the memories associated to negative beliefs.
  • Increase your attention, presence and awareness in everyday life.
  • Reinforce your creativity, self-esteem and will power.

Where imagination is the engine of your thoughts, feelings are the fuel of your will.