How are words, perception and reality connected? What is the relationship between presence and consciousness? We propose an encounter between art, science and non-dual thinking that explores these questions.

Quantum Prose Creative Writing Program is inspired on the principles of quantum physics and neuroscience, which we translate into creative play. You are going to experience the potentiality of your mind and the plasticity of your brain through a series of emotions that accompany your will, in writing. The symbols of your reality will progressively open up for you.

Our workshops are based on a sequence of textual experiences that work towards the coherence of words, emotions and will. This practice reveals how your thoughts condition your perceptions and beliefs by means of a mental construct: past and future.

Our exercises apply the principles of mindfulness to creative visualization. This methodology enhances full presence and awareness, and also increases intentionality and well-being.


Coordinated by Lissi Sánchez:

My work explores the relationship between mind and matter, and seeks to examine how our words and thoughts co-create our perception of reality. I hold a BFA in Film and a MFA in Creative Writing, both from New York University. My work has been presented in various international journals and anthologies, and my novel El Sapo Blanco was published in 2015 (DíazGrey Editores, NYC). I have practiced meditation for over twenty years, which has led me to apply the principles of conscious perception and full presence to artistic experience. I hold the 8-weeks Mindfulness Course from the University of Massachusetts and the Curriculum Diploma from Mindful Schools (