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Translated from Portuguese by Rhett McNeil

“I’ve predicted that in thirty years’ time, if not before, he will win the Nobel Prize and I’m sure my prediction will come true.” José Saramago.

“The greatest gift of the young Portuguese novelist Gonçalo M. Tavares is his ability, as a writer, to reduce the world to fragments and reconstruct it again as if it were his own creation. Each of his books (or set of books) is a kaleidoscope that rearranges reality for us better to observe it.” Alberto Manguel.

“Gonçalo M. Tavares is a writer who is unlike any you’ve read before. He has a gift—like Flann O’Brien or Kafka or Beckett—for revealing the ways in which logic can be as faithful a servant of madness as of reason.” Mark O’Conell, The New Yorker.

“Tavares’s standing will soon be global.” Times Literary Supplement.


Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.47.36GONÇALO M. TAVARES (Luanda, 1970) has been published in almost 50 countries and has been awarded an impressive amount of national and international literary prizes. Jerusalem received the Prêmio Portugal Telecom de Literatura em Língua Portuguesa and the LER/Millenium Prize. Aprender a rezar na era de técnica was awarded the Best Foreign Book 2010 in France. He also received the Grande Prêmio da Associação Portuguesa de Escritores. In Reading is Walking, the English translation of Enciclopédia, the author reflects, with his already-distinctive style, on topics as diverse as science, fear, relationships and music. He teaches Theory of Science in Lisbon University.