1. Quantum Prose Publishing was born through the peripatetic dialogues held between Lissi Sánchez and Marta del Pozo in New York City, between September 2011 and May 2013, around the nature of consciousness and how it affects and transforms the physics of our reality.

  2. Throughout these conversations, Marta and Lissi exchanged, among others, books and impressions on quantum physics, Peter Sloterdijk’s trilogy Spheres, Timothy Morton´s ideas on Speculative Realism, Graham Harman´s writing on OOO (object-oriented ontology), the concepts of Non-Philosophy and Non-Photography developed by Francois Laruelle and, Uncreative Writing, the appropriationist bible by Kenneth Goldsmith.

  3. Q.P.  is a quantum, spherical, materialist, Jungian, speculative and non-philosophical project.

  4. Q.P. is as well appropriationist.

  5. That same year, Lissi and Marta travel separately to the Venice Biennial, where they coincidentally meet right in front of Jung’s Red Book, at the pavilion dedicated to the famous psychoanalyst.

  6. Q.P. has come to believe in synchronicity.

  7. Lissi begins a PhD in Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam in the summer of 2013. The first Quantum Prose writing workshops take place in the Netherlands.

  8. Marta comes back to Massachusetts in order to teach courses on Spanish literature at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

  9. Throughout the rest of this year, Lissi and Marta hold an active non-correspondence that proceeds like this: Normally, Lissi does a copy and paste of her last piece of writing in the body of an email. She almost never adds a “subject”. In the course of the following next minute / minute and a half, Marta will answer back with the last text that she has produced. One can observe, to the level of detail, great thematic coincidences between both pieces of writing.

  10. This could be considered an example of quantum entanglement.

  11. Quantum Prose is non-local.

  12. Q.P. materializes as a project that encompasses a School and Publishing House at the cove El Pozo del León located in Ibiza, on Wednesday 16th, July 2014. This moment will be sealed in time due to the collision at 6.23 pm and with no relevant harm to anyone, between our vehicle, a Peugeot 208, plate 8912HPV, and an Open Astra, plate 4224 GKJ.

  13. About the name of the cove, it’s important to note that Lissi’s astrological sign is the Lion (león).

  14. Marta’s last name: del Pozo.

  15. Q.P. still holds that consciousness can affect the physical laws that conform our reality.

  16. Q.P. searches for a satisfactory definition for the term consciousness. It feels that words are an integral part of this enigma.

  17. Q.P. is transdisciplinary.

  18. Q.P. enjoys transcendental play.

  19. Quantum Prose doesn’t only publish prose.

  20. Q.P. is an object not subjected to the Law of Non-Contradiction.

  21. Q.P. takes place in the realm of possibility.