Quantum Prose is a non-profit organization based in NYC. Our international endeavor embraces transdisciplinary education to foster the growing dialogue between science, art and non-dual thinking.

In our press science meets literature.  We are interested in the possibilities of the quantum paradigm within contemporary culture and how it translates into the growing synergies of a transdisciplinary worldview. We promote a diversity of international, experimental and hybrid voices that question dualistic thought and creatively integrate mind and matter, disciplines and ideas into thought-provoking literature. Multilingualism and translation are an important part of our educational endeavor. We invite submissions by poets, neuroscientists, artists, physicists, philosophers, experimental writers, and/or all of the above.

Our writing workshops apply the principles of mindfulness to creative visualization, and look to develop conscious perception through literary experience. This methodology creates an awareness of the relationship between words, perception and reality. We collaborate with creative writing schools, mindfulness centres and transdisciplinary initiatives. We offer workshops for adults and adolescents, and also curriculum courses for teachers.


Quantum Prose Inc. would like to thank Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts for its help and support providing legal assistance.